From our experience we see Shamanism as something similar to Animism, of which Edward Tylor’s definition is a favourite “Animism- (from Latin anima, "breath, spirit, life") is the belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence.”

Shamanism holds this in mind and creates ceremonies and rituals to honour the Ancestors and Spiritual essence in All, creating a direct contact. It knows the paradoxes of life and undercurrent of connection between all things.

While in ceremony an altered state of consciousness is entered. This allows the flow and knowing of spirit to guide the ceremony while remaining fully grounded and present. We are then able to converse with certain intentions in mind, be it in honour of or to request support and insight to particular subjects for the Earthwalk we are currently experiencing from other beings and spirit.

The drum plays a large part in the way we work as the beat is what assists us into the shamanic state. The drum is said to be the Shamans horse as we ride the beat into alternative states of consciousness.


Lewis has many years experience of writing and sharing songs, which come from observations and communion with the natural world, and insights gained through life experience and inner journeys of meditation, healing and growth. 

Also a member of tribal folk band Touch The Earth, his roots are shamanic and earth-based spirituality, living and working close to the earth as a gardener, and taking part in and leading drum circles, workshops and ceremonies for many years.

"Music is about feeling something, my aim is to share that feeling of connection and wholeness that music and nature inspire in me."

Lewis Skinner

I never stopped believing in magic as I was growing up, even though all the adults were trying to convince me it didn’t exist, something deep within me knew something different. I have had many amazing learning experiences in my life that have taken me on quite the journey and they have confirmed my suspicions; that magic does exist, we have just altered our definition of it.

I have studied with amazing teachers in this country and in Philippines and Peru and look forward to all I have yet to learn. My intention is to connect with others heart to heart with authenticity and acceptance that we all have our own journey to take.

Kate Fisher

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