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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

This offering we have named Shamanic Practices was the easiest way for Lewis and I to combine our experiences and have a name to share our practices with others. Although we would not call ourselves shaman, we certainly practice what many would call shamanic techniques that we have learnt from many different people and guides around the world and then from our own exploration in ourselves and our guides and ancestors have connected with.

At the moment we offer mostly drum circles, where we sit in ceremony in circle and we allow ourselves to be guided by the energy of the group present and the energy of spirit and the ancestors. This leads us to many beautiful places within ourselves and to experience some profound feelings of peace and connection. We find drumming with a circle of people extremely tribal and it has a deep sense of familiarity from another time and space. Many comment on how serene they feel at the end of the circle and we certainly feel that too. If you are interested in our circles please visit www.shamanicpractices.co.uk or if want to find a drum circle near you (if you are not in Norfolk) please visit this page which has many drum circles listed on it www.herondrums.co.uk/drumming-groups. As you will know this is currently held online due to the global issue we are currently facing.

We also like to celebrate the turning of the seasons at the traditional 8 sabbats of the year. These are Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas and Mabon. All symbolise the start or central point of a change in season, this helps us to stay attuned to the land here and our ancestors that would have celebrated these throughout the ages. For us it helps us prepare for the next stage of the year and give thanks for what has been. We enjoy doing traditional crafts and drumming round a fire in celebration of these times. We would love for anyone interested to join us, or if you have a place you would like to have a ceremony such as these and would like us to facilitate in the future (once all calms down again) please get in contact. We may do some online if it feels right and we can find a suitable way so either visit our website or Facebook page (@L.K.shamanicpractices) to find out.

We intended to begin drum birthing ceremonies this year, where those interested in making their own traditional hoop drum could make one with our guidance. However, as we are all aware the Earth needed us to “go to our rooms to think about what we’ve done” (AKA Covid-19) so this is now on the back burner until we are clearer about what the future holds.

Lewis is also a musician and as well as his solo pieces plays in a Tribal Folk Band called Touch the Earth. The songs Lewis writes contain some of the ways he connects with the natural cycles, seasons and creatures of our beautiful earth. To listen to them can often create the feeling of connection and the peace in the knowledge that we are part of nature.

My lifes journey so far has taken me to lots of places and had many experiences that I like to describe as magically awful. As all things contain all things, it’s more about the perspective we see them through or shift into to review them. There are not many transformations without their trials as this is how growth and learning happens. When I am struggling I like to think about the parable of the man and the butterfly, it goes as follows;

The Parable of the Butterfly

“One day while walking through his garden, a man found a chrysalis hanging delicately from a branch. As he admired it, it started to move and a small opening appeared. The man enchanted, watched for hours as the Chrysalis moved frantically, the butterfly struggling to free itself from its confinement through the small opening. Then almost as suddenly the butterfly stopped, appearing as if it had gotten as far as it could go, and could go no further. The man feeling sorry for it decided to help the butterfly, and with a small knife he gently slit open the chrysalis allowing the butterfly to emerge easily.

The butterfly broke free, only to wilt over in a completely motionless state in his hand. Its tiny swollen body and shriveled wings withered and deformed. The man continued to watch expectantly, waiting for the moment the wings would unfurl, expand and enlarge enough to support the still limp body, enabling the butterfly to get up, but he waited in vain. Instead the butterfly spend the remainder of its short existence, crawling awkwardly, dragging its fragile body and shriveled wings and never able to fly.

What the man in his kindness, goodwill and haste failed to understand. The restrictive chrysalis and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the small opening, is nature’s way of forcing the fluid from the swollen body into its wings. So that, the wings can then unfold and enable the butterfly to fly once it achieves its freedom.

We need struggles in our lives, if life would not contain obstacles it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as we could have been and would never be able to fly.” – Author Unknown

I can certainly say, as I’m sure you can too, that my life has had its fair share of struggles and as truth seekers and people who wish for self-growth and development I do not think we could get to the amazing places we can as humans without those struggles, for us to find those reserves and push on through to find new heights of self understanding. I must add though, when I started consciously on this journey towards authenticity I was not so aware of this as we start off more naïve. I sometimes wonder if I would have embarked on the journey ahead if I could have seen all those bumbs and sometimes mountains in the road ahead, and yet now I would not change them for the world as they are the proof of what I can overcome. Believe me though, I do not always view it like this, in this moment I have a positive perspective, in fact I would not be writing this if I was having a time of low mood so most of my blogs will certainly have a more positive spin.

I digress, I will leave my tangent in as I feel by letting the mind wander we can find ourselves in a creative and insightful place.

What I was intending to write was that I have had many interesting opportunities to work with many fascinating people, of whom I have either learnt directly from or learnt how I would prefer not to be, all of which are just as beneficial on this path. These people include those in the UK that I have trained with as a medium, spiritual development techniques and friends I have had the honour of supporting each other through different techniques we have been guided to do. I have been taught by people from other countries in amazing ways of awakening the illuminated heart, how to call upon angelic realms and sacred geometry and activate the MerKaBa. I have also had the privilege of visiting the Philippines where I learnt how to facilitate the Inner dance process (a form of energy work where the body can spontaneously move) and met a Babaylon (Philippino Shaman) who helped me through my journey while I was there.

The next stop on my travels was Peru where I climbed many mountains (as you can imagine this was a real feat having grown up in the flat lands of Norfolk!), I studied with the Master Plant Teachers and learnt Temaskal (Andean sweat lodge). I feel this is the place where I reached my first peak on my spiral stairway of this life time, I had made it to a place of unity consciousness and love which was wonderful. This also opened a doorway to trauma and when I came back to the UK I found myself experiencing depression, this was happening while I was learning more about the shamanic traditions of this land through drum journeying and celtic sweat lodges. I now feel that I am finding stability again and know this was all due to having completed a cycle of learning. That euphoric unity consciousness and love feeling was the start of living from the heart and higher self and I now must learn to ground it into a more human and everyday context rather than that of one not connected to the realities of life on Earth. I visually see it as I had moved through the first layer of the teachings of the chakras and I am now back in the root chakra learning to embody the experiences I had to make them relevant to a grounded life and the deeper lessons within each of the chakras on this next level of understanding.

I am now coming out of a big lesson with depression as my teacher and am embodying more of what I have learnt than ever before. I look forward with reverence to the future of my journey.


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