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May we introduce to you... Shamanic Practices.

Welcome to our Blog! Shamanic Practices is the simplest and most effective way we could combine our knowledge and experience to share and create a group and offering of what we have learnt so far on our paths and continue to learn more deeply on this crazy ride called life. For us our practice of the Shamanic ways has led to a better understanding of what we need as "Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience" ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

It may be cliche to say however Life IS Sacred in ALL its forms, be it human, animal, insect, tree, plant, rock, element, or any member of the family of Gaia. Through our experiences and practices we feel this on a deepening level and wish to share this with anyone who would like to find their connection in these ways. We believe this is what is missing in our daily lives in this modern world; a connection and knowing of the connection to all around us.

We are all part of the whole, part of nature, cells of Gaia, if we begin making effective and conscious decisions locally, recognising we are part of a global community, we can live in harmony with the nature that all of us are an intrinsic part of.

Now we certainly are not claiming to know it all, we are simply aware that we have journeyed on this path for some time in our own ways and offer our hands out for those who feel drawn to learn and experience beside us. If you are feeling like you would like to join our circle and community we look forward to sharing with you. We sit in circle as this represents there is no hierarchy, we stand or sit shoulder to shoulder as brothers and sisters of this Earth.

Shamanic Practices;

For Connection, Community and Consciousness

We chose our tag line for many reasons, the words used are so connected to each other they are like a circle themselves,they are also the things we feel is needed for us to thrive in life.

- Connection; to each other, our ancestors of blood line and land, the land herself; Mother Earth, elements, seasons and cycles. Connection with all things that assist our awareness to grow and for our development as a species that lives in Harmony with our planet.

- Community; connecting with each other in circle and with compassion we learn more of how to improve ourselves and communicate from a place of self awareness and love. We also allow this sense of community to grow to begin including all beings of this earth and as we all know we are social beings, so the benefits are huge on all levels.

- Consciousness; to grow in consciousness and be conscientious is such a wonderful part of the journey of life. We like to work with the drum to help us journey into altered states of consciousness to allow us to discover more about ourselves to grow and develop. Becoming aware of unconscious and subconscious patterns helps us better understand ourselves and our reactions and responses to the world around us and in turn creates opportunity for positive change if we wish to do the work.

So as you can see, to us the shamanic ways are all about self development to allow us to life more harmoniously and happily with ourselves and each other while walking gently upon our planet.

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