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Restriction to Reclamation!

Guardians of Gaia!

Welcome!!! I am so happy to have another guardian read these words, they are my humble sharing of my journey to the understanding of Gaia theory that I have achieved so far.

These first few blog posts are a little introduction to my story, I have also offered a few exercises at the end of each story to assist those that wish to try them to open up to more of what is offered to us from our beautiful Mother Earth on an esoteric level.

This post is the first of 5 initial stories, they are best followed in order as the exercises have a deepening of levels as you do them. I also want to say on that note that you know what is best for you so please follow your intuition before what anyone else may say; we are in the age of Aquarius now; YOU ARE YOUR OWN GURU!

As a child I mostly remember being up trees or playing with mud and having a wonderful time playing with my ‘imaginary’ friends. My parents would call them imaginary, to me they were real, and still are. Each one is unique and has a unique personality just like us. Some are as pictured in story books as fairies, gnomes, elves for example, others are different, very different. It is much easier for children to see them as they are still open to the possibilities and to the magic of life and many of the realms.

My best times were spent in the tree in my back garden where I would speak with the little people. We would collect flowers and leaves and make little ‘perfumes’ that would be more pungent in reality. I also enjoyed being in the branches of the helicopter tree in the field out the back of my babysitters house. I would swing around the branches in my traditional little gingham school dress mocked by many of my peers with a few joining me. The trees felt more like friends than most people and I always felt safe and happy within their branches.

When we hit a certain age it is “normal” in our societies to tell our children these things are not real, that they are imaginary, however with shamanic and esoteric practices plus with some of the theories and findings of quantum physics we now understand that real is all about the observer (if you want to know more about this look up observer theory and you should get some good info, otherwise “what the bleep do we know” is a great movie to get the basic understandings.)

So, I listened to my parents and the authority figures around me, by about the age of 12 I had stopped climbing trees and playing with my friends among the little people, and yet, there was still an element within me that still believed in the magic and they never truly “went away”. Safe to say this suppression and hiding of the magic only lasted until I was 17!!! (and to be honest I still practised astral projection and Wicca throughout that time in secret, hehe)

As an adult I have now taken part in and held many courses and workshops that help with reconnection to these elementals and realms and the magic is reawaken within me and around me, there are not many places I can go without knowing they are there or having an interaction with these beings, it is now a “normal” in my world.

It can take quite a leap of faith to start being open about such things and much un-learning of indoctrinated beliefs of others and our society. A question you may like to ponder on and play with is…

  • What could the world be if we were to remove these ideas of what is and is not real?

  • How empowered could individuals feel if many of the unhelpful restrictions were removed?

  • When you do a particular thing, do you have someone else’s voice in your head telling you “no” in one way or another? (like my parents re my “imaginary friends”)

  • Can you begin reframing and/or letting go of these others restrictive opinions from within you to reconnect with your own openness and experiences?

  • What does it feel like to release these thoughts and RECLAIM your own opinions on things?

Try pondering and practicing with these questions in a journal. It does take much practice and the unravelling process takes time as you become the observer of your thoughts, building awareness is the first stage of gaining back your power over indoctrination patterns.

We can do this together and release the Restrictions to Reclaim a more empowered and magical future for ourselves.

With Love to all you Amazing Guardians,

May we walk gently upon this Earth, shoulder to shoulder with All of Gaia’s Children.

Blessed Be

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